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29 Sep 2011

Among the fire road at the moment, also has many other strong is struggling pediment, ghd australia majestic grudge cover their whole body was not the slightest gap, although they can adhere to the intruder, but obviously go far so far Hsiao Easy, those blue flame, like a grudge with the strange effect of melting is generally in the stalemate between the two, vindictive rate of consumption, far more than many people s expectations, according to this consumption level, even if a struggle were strong are unable to insist on too long. These people braved fierce flames and the pediment when the magma is like strolling Qiaode Xiao Yan, a pedestrian, a time the eyes are some consternation. For these 8 light, Xiao Yan touches not care, mind a move, the flame is screaming purple-brown, planted with the fast crowd snatched the depths of the fire road. With the help of different fire, Xiao go far into the UAE rate is quite rapid, just a few minutes, is a series of more than a few - came earlier than the strong, but even so, they still have not seen the fire Road end. Fighting is indeed ghd blue serenity the remains of Saint strong, the fire road is so long, it seems some people want to boast a large down to see this scene, the plot could not help but light fairy laughed. Xiao Yan is also smiled and nodded his head, surrounded by a very strange kind of blue flame to melt a grudge, a grudge who wants to rely on the powerful people who have insist forcing came indeed to have bad luck, so long passage, unless some ghd sale strength of the strong who otherwise would probably be able to rely on the fire road through the grudge is the people, very few. By Hsiao-yen s expected, I am afraid that the fire door with just this -, you have to eliminate a lot of people. Hey, that s not glacial valley in front of the group of man? Day of fire in front of the channel Venerable eyes swept suddenly said. Wen Yan, Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, looked up hope, and she is seen not far from the front, a large group of white cold fog, some of them looming shadows, Xiao Yan was very familiar with cold, glacial valley is unique Ice vindictiveness. Years Xiao Yan, a pedestrian eyes cast away, that s like the cold mist of the glacier is also sensitive to the Venerable Xiao go far back, the moment Lengheng, waved his big sleeves, wrapped in ice cold valley Hanmang into a strong, speed suddenly accelerate, go far quickly disappeared into the vision of Hsiao. This TB goods, to go so brisk that they fear we shot it? Seeing, bear fighting a grin, disdain. Xiao Yan smile to their current lineup, you will not pink ghd be afraid of a glacial valley, you really want to fight, I m afraid the fear, but the ice Venerable. Come on, always felt something was amiss the fire road, or out of the first to say Xiao Yan sunlight in the blue flames around it on the sweep of the sweep, could not resist the slightly wrinkled brow, although this is not different flame fire, but also very strange, ghd straighteners unusual display of temper in which the flame front, just as catalysts in general, not only can not fight, but that was more and more fierce flame. Voice down, Xiao Yan Xiupao wave, ghd purple the speed is suddenly soaring, Mountain into a fire, fire road at the end of the storm swept away. Controlling the fire Mans, Xiao go far is mad swept some distance, looking along the way occasionally to see some very nice loner, but some of them that was strange is that glacial valley, a pedestrian, turned out to be completely gone traces. The situation there does not, glacial valley who can not speed more than we is also a small medical cent brow wrinkled, after a moment, finally, Chen Sheng Road.

Xiao Yan slightly slow down, eyes flashing slightly Mans, looked up, ghd mini looked at the depths of the fire road, there is still a blood-red, and not the slightest sign of the end. It s too long fire road, and this end is really in front of it? War is some impatience Bear cursed. Hear the words, Xiao Yan Meng Yi Zheng is immediately under the body to Dayton, eyes flashing between the Mountain, seems to understand what, Chen Sheng said: This fire road is a trap, the road in front of us, not is the real into the ruins of the way, if you have been walking along the fire road, then sooner or later will be depleted in vivo of vindictiveness. It does not take the fire road into the road, the road where it really? Xian Dai Mei small doctors say the case when. Her eyes also look to both sides of the blood-red walls, the walls here, but by the extremely hard rock Birds of crimson, this rock is exactly what, who is also a confusion Hsiao go far, but wanted to be Doo San strong fancy and used to build sites that will certainly not be an unusual thing to brute force to break road, then, is obviously not desirable. Xiao Yan cheeky pondered the color, after a moment, his eyes suddenly down, and finally Dayton in red below that red viscous magma, slowly: The reason why the glacial valley disappear, ghd precious I m afraid Venerable that ice because the real Wan Road, but this channel, so on, are the rocks. You mean not in front of the channel, but in the following? is also a small medical cent surprised Road. This remains the owner really cunning enough, the normal point of people who jump right in thinking to the magma, His Holiness the same day of the fire is the look of astonishment. Hey, no w onder the ice valley were anxious to get rid of us , originally did not want us to find the real entrance. Xiao Yan Hey smile, reminded everyone cry, Xiupao waving, purple-brown flame is wrapping everyone, plop sound, directly got into that hot crimson magma. Sneaked into the magma within the Hsiao go far stature quickly dive, although this hot magma, but when the fire protection in the body has a different crowd, but it is not the slightest obstacle, therefore, lasted about as big as this sink in a minute or so later, everyone is heard a muffled minor, at the foot of a space, is fallen some distance, and finally his legs, once again stand on the cold floor. everyone feet down on the floor, quickly looked up, face, and suddenly be shocked by the color of the cover in place over their heads ghd red few feet, like a red red magma of the full Monty Python-like, with a ring-like, shilly-songs of the hanging in the top of the faint, the fire can see Road above the occasional passing shadows, it is clear that magma is go far Hsiao previously adopted by the fire road, so long fire road, if you really go down, then do not know what year to go to Malaysia month Gee, is indeed the ancient ruins, even the owner is playing a pass, and if when those people come in through the fire road at the end of difficulties, but found there a stone wall Tan each case, will not towers will spot die-soap? Xiao Yan looked winding fire road, the road could not help but gloat some.


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